Saturday, September 15, 2012

Brushing my Hair

I had a very random conversation at about 4:00 this morning with a friend in England. She and I are almost never online at the same time, so it was nice to be able to Skype with her (thank you ineffective NyQuil. I know I took one dose, I may have taken two. Either way, I fell asleep around 11pm and was wide awake by 4.)

My not-so-subtle bed head prompted Julie to tease me about my hair brushing habits. We've known each other for a long time, and she knows how much I hate brushing my hair. It's not that I like it to be messy, rather it takes such a perfect storm of events for me to be able to do so without hurting myself, ripping out clumps of hair, or breaking brushes. I have curly/wavy hair. Lisa Lehmann of Studio Jewel has a great product review for those of you with curls. Read the comments, too, as other readers have given some useful tips. It's very thick. It's not so long now, but it does fall past my shoulders. I've given up on bangs, as they tend to curl, frizz, and take on a life of their own. The last person to cut my hair in layers did not get paid, but instead got to watch in horror as my hair dried in a Medusa-like mane as I complained to the manager. I don't get my hair cut all that often to avoid situations like this, but I do tend to hack it all off and donate to Locks of Love when I do brave the salon.

A couple of days ago, Nelly at A Tea-Tray in the Sky posted a story about her daughter, school, and bath time. I decided that I would show my support of Alice by brushing my hair. It was as good a motivation as any, seeing as how it'd been a couple of weeks since I last ran a brush through the beast. Before you judge, I do wash my hair every 2-3 days and do my best to make it look somewhat tamed as it dries. It's harder than it looks. So the other night I got into the shower, washed my hair, let the conditioner sit for 5 minutes before rinsing and then getting out immediately. I sprayed in leave-in conditioner and wrapped it tightly in a towel, making sure my hair was flat and not twisted into bunches before wrapping. Then after 10 minutes in the towel, I put another across my shoulders, took my still-dripping hair down and sprayed it with anti-frizz spray. I took a deep breath, picked up my brush and made it about half-way through before the stupid thing broke. I was frustrated, but not surprised. This is what my hair does to brushes.

Last night I went out and bought some new brushes and the NyQuil. The cashier at the Rite-Aid was giving me looks like she thought I was up to something. Or on something. So this morning after my chat with Julie, I decided to brave brushing my hair again. I repeated the process of preparing to brush and, brand spanking new brush in hand, I started to brush. It broke. I'm going to need to revise my system, because it seems my hair is on to me...