Thursday, January 17, 2013


...if you want me to do something, just ask. I'm working on my mind reading skills, but apparently am quite dyslexic.

...if you're upset about something that has nothing to do with me, don't yell at me about that specific thing. I'm sorry that you're upset, I just have no way of controlling things that happen when I'm not around.

...if you don't like the way I do something, tell me sooner rather than later. Sure, you could wait until I'm done and then yell at me for doing things wrong, but isn't it just easier to tell me right away so I can do it your way?

...14.5 hours is a really long work day. I get very tired.

...starting exactly 8 hours after that 14.5 hour work day has ended is hard. I know I'm weird, but I really do like to sleep. Helps me have enough energy to work.